Wednesday, March 30, 2016

macaron date...

They always say that things are never going to be the same after you have a baby, but you don't even notice it until you're so far in that you don't even remember what you did before your little one came along. Saturday nights used to mean getting dolled up, going out to dinner and drinks with your friends but you've now traded that in for some sort of delivery food, sweats covered in spit up, and if you're lucky some Netflix after the baby has fallen asleep. Maybe if you're like me and you're VERY lucky a nice glass of wine! 

This has been life for the past 7 months and since I've decided to become a stay at home mom, I wonder how much more of this I can handle. I have no family here, no friends, no social interaction This is when I decide that we are going to get a babysitter and go out and do something. I went through and found a wonderful sitter for my baby bear and while walking through some shops in Dallas over the weekend we came across a very cute macaron shop that just happened to be hosting baking classes. I jumped at the opportunity and so we set a date! 

Although ours were not as beautiful as the ones they make at the shop, they were ours and we had a wonderful time.

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