Sunday, September 22, 2013

DIY "Lucite" Tray

I have been out of the game for a while, but with a new apartment, a new city and what feels like a new life, I'm more inspired than ever!

I need to decorate and set the details for the new apartment and I'm starting with my DIY version of the ZGallerie gold and white Lucite tray. I've searched high and low and have not been able to find it for purchase. I am OBSESSED with it! Naturally, since I can't purchase it, my little crafty brain goes "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!".

My obsession:

1. I got myself to Michael's and purchased this acrylic picture frame for $14.99. Of course I saved my 50% off coupon for this. So these frames are pretty much just a hollow plastic shell, which makes them PERFECT to use as a tray. You just turn them around, and VOILA!

2. Cover the outside of your tray with contact paper. You know, the stuff you use to line your kitchen shelving. You want to make sure you work with the outside of the tray so that when you turn it around after it is painted you have a nice, glossy, protected surface. Make sure to work out all of the bubbles. Then you measure and mark your frame at every 1" all the way around. I also drew a line a bit off center straight down the frame and marked it at every 1". Then, you begin connecting your marks!
3. Once it is all mapped out, carefully cut out your lines using your x-acto knife. You want to make sure to leave exposed what will be the gold pattern in your tray.

 4.  Once your pattern is mapped out, you want to make sure you tape your edges. I forgot to mention that I did not remove the insert from the frame until I was done. I did this to protect the inside from any excess paint over spray.

5. SPRAY AWAY! I used a satin finish gold metallic spray paint. It is NOT specified for plastic, but it has worked out JUST FINE! I did about 5 very thin layers, allowing about 10 minutes of dry time in between.
6. Once you've gotten the right amount of coverage from your gold spray paint and allowed to dry, go ahead and peel off your contact paper. DO NOT remove the blue edging.
7.  After this you're ready to spray on your white layer. I also did about five layers of white, with 10 minutes of drying time in between. I used Krylon spray paint in Satin finish.
8. Peel off the protective edging tape and take out the cardboard insert it came in. VOILA! I'm in love!
After about a week of using the tray I haven't run into any hiccups. I did, however, go back and add a few layers of Krylon Acrylic Crystal Clear to protect from minor scratches.
Looks amazing with my other obsession... my Birchbox!!