Sunday, February 8, 2015

To all the mamas out're AMAZING!

I'm usually working on a few projects at a time, but since this little bun started baking I am running on empty. Not only does this little guy (or girl) suck up all my energy but the energy I do have is taken up by the fact that I'm limping around everywhere because of my broken toe.

 Oh, did I mention how much clumsier I've been too? Well, clumsy enough to break my toe good enough to have to have a pin drilled in there. And when you're pregnant you are lucky enough to be awake for the entire procedure! I might have never known what the inside of an operating room looks like otherwise. OR gotten to experience the feeling of a drill penetrating your bone...long lasting memories.(Did you catch a little sarcasm there?)

Big ups to all the mamas out there getting everything done even when you're just not feeling it because for me, getting dressed for work in the morning is an accomplishment right now!