Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Little Baby Primping

We recently registered for our little Olive and due to space decided to go with the Contours Classique 3- in- 1 bassinet. We currently live in a spacey one bedroom but definitely not spacey enough for a full crib. Well, I was soooo excited when it arrived last week that I stayed up and decided to put it together all by myself. Not that I don't usually put furniture together on my own, but a little piece of me was telling me daddy and I should put it together as a couple. THAT little voice was quickly pushed aside by my impatient one. This is what the "stock bassinet" looked like...

Certainly not an adorable cozy place I'd like to set my first little baby into. Then, it came with these weird half frill things that didn't really do much to gussy it up. After putting those on it looked like...

Mmm...a little better but still kind of funky, right?

My style is very plain, simple, and classic. So it wasn't the colors that bothered me. I actually would rather have everything be very neutral so that I can save most items for baby #2. This however, was just not special looking at all. After a quick (haha...quick) Pinterest search of bassinets I scoured my home looking for anything I could use to spruce this guy up a bit. I found two king size pillow cases that we had never used or would ever use and got to pinning and sewing. I decided to use the existing bumper thing since it already had velcro attached and just sew it over the funky drop cloth half flap. I am SO happy with the way it turned out! 

Finished product! 

I cannot wait to place my little baby Olive into her little bassinet now! I am SO excited! I might just add a little mobile, but besides that I'd say this is EXACTLY what I envisioned. 

So, all I needed for this little makeover:
  • a little imagination
  • Some unused pillow cases
  • and a straight stitch on my sewing machine