Friday, March 18, 2016


We are attempting to get our new apartment put together and decided to invest in our furniture this time around and stop purchasing disposable furniture. We figure that this way, when we buy a home the costs of furnishing it shouldn't be as high. With this in mind we ventured into searching for the perfect dining table. A dining table is so important to me. It's where we are going to have our morning coffee and family dinners, holidays and birthdays, and just make lasting memories. It just had to be the perfect table. Because I have a slight addiction to white and grey marble (specifically Calcutta or Carrara) we decided to go for this gorgeous marble table for our breakfast nook.

Cup of Jo

 The bad signs were all there from the beginning. I should have just looked for another table when my card was declined! I'm not sure why, but my bank thought someone was committing fraud and declined the transaction. After a lengthy process to assure them I am truly who I say I am and yes, I am making this purchase, I was finally able to purchase it. It was all down hill from there. The table didn't make it into the warehouse in time, so it didn't make it's scheduled delivery. Calling to have the delivery rescheduled was a mess as well. After I got it all straightened out my dream table was delivered only to find this...
Pallets? Who delivers normal things to normal people in pallets? I have one knife and one pair of scissors. How the heck am I supposed to get these out? Luckily, I remembered I had a teeny tiny emergency hammer I bought at Target in the dollar section. That worked good enough. 

As the stars were just about to align and my dreams were about to come true, my love opened the box to reveal my beautiful marble table was BROKEN! Just a box of shattered dreams lay on the floor of my apartment.

I was too dissapointed to even handle the situation, so my love took over and scheduled a pickup... I was going to have to live with a pallet and broken table in my living room for a week. I know it doesn't sound like much, but with a crawling toddler, every day is like an eternity!

This disaster was finally picked up today but now I have no idea what kind of a table to replace it with. Amazon offered to replace it with the same item, but since we're only temporarily here, I'd hate for us to package it incorrectly for our move and have this same thing happen while attempting to move it to our new home. I'll take all of these happenings as a sign!

It saddens me a little to have to go with a traditional wooden table, I just had my heart set on this one. The search is on to find the perfect fit for our breakfast nook. Ideally I would like to find something contemporary to balance out the traditional benches we have now and the stools for the island that will be coming in. If you have any suggestions I'd love to know! 

I literally purchase everything on Amazon Prime and this table was no exception. Although I was very disappointed with the entire process of purchasing, receiving, packaging, and returning this table, I'll definitely continue to purchase through them. One bad experience does not offset all of the benefits I've experienced with Amazon.  

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