Friday, January 15, 2016

Day 10 & Fitbit

I'm getting lost in the days. I came into this cleanse with the best of intentions but my aunt is visiting for the week (aunt flow...TMI?) and I want chocolate covered potato chips. That mixed in with the exhaustion of caring for a teething infant through the night and living off of 2 to 3 hours of solid sleep is really messing with my head. I had a little help from Whole Foods this week and their prepared salad for lunch.
And of course this kid can't watch me eat anything without yelling at me like someone's about to murder her because she wants some. Yes I know I'm not supposed to be feeding a 5 month old strawberries but seriously, this kid eats almost everything we eat. The big thing we stay away from is dairy (because I have a dairy allergy. It gives me strep throat).

I do have to mention that besides the cleanse itself I also have a backup motivator/tool in this, and that is my Fitbit! I really only take it off to shower but besides that, it tracks me all day, so I know when I'm being a little too lazy. However, with a toddler, it's hard NOT to reach my steps goal. I've got it synced up with my phone and online, and I track my food on it as well. I've set a goal and it kinda guides me through the day. I highly recommend it!

Total weight lost:
5 lbs

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