Thursday, May 12, 2016

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One of my favorite bloggers out there Is Rachel Parcell of Pink Peonies. I absolutely love how classy, sophisticated, modest, but modern her style is.What I don't like? The prices of everything she loves(WAHHHHH!). Although some of the items she names as "affordable", I'd say... NOT TO ME! Yes, I'm able to save up and splurge on a few things now and then, or sometimes my love will surprise me with a nice gift. However... I am but a mere mortal. I'm a normal person. Those types of purchases are not realistic. For those of us on a SUPER extreme budge AND/OR us curvy girls who can't seem to find her style in bigger sizes. Here is a small list of how to get the look of some of my Pink Peony favorites, on a budget! I mean, just cause I don't have a great financial situation doesn't mean I can't look cute, right? Obviously quality and materials are not the same. I'm not insinuating that they are equal matches. I just want to look like a Pretty Peony too!

Pink Peonies

I'll start with a few faves from her most recent post which you can see here.

Being a plus size gal, I have always struggled with finding cute jeans (or any pants for that matter) in my size. Also, I've always lived paycheck to paycheck so even if I could find jeans I like, they were way too pricey for me. Then came Target and Forever 21 Plus. Thank goodness! 
AG- 'The legging' ankle jeans VS Target- Women's Low Rise Skinny Jean 

I love cheap sunnies! Especially when they're "trendy". I lose glasses like crazy OR my lovely little girl has got them in her mouth. I own a pair of RayBan Aviators, Wayfarers, and a cute Kate Spade pair. Other than that, Forever 21 is my go to sunglasses spot!
Karen Walker VS Forever 21

I own a few Target watches and my priciest watch is a rose gold Kate Spade watch that was a Christmas gift from my other half. I don't find that spending money on a watch is a good investment for me. I look at my cell phone for the time and honestly, 99% of the time that I'm wearing a watch, it's not even set to the correct time!
MICHELLE' VS Target- Peugeot

rag & bone VS Forever 21
I would seldomly wear this bag. Green is actually one of my least favorite colors, but every once in a while I think this Target swap would work!
3.1 Phillip Lim VS Target- Merona

From her very own clothing line there is this beautiful pink lace skirt. I actually would have splurged on hers just to support her (and because it's beautiful), but I ended up finding this skirt about two weeks before she released her line. The photo from JCP doesn't to the skirt justice. It's longer than the photo shows and is more closely in color to the splurge.
Rach Parcell VS JCPenney
I'm obsessed with this neckline! Not an exact match to the dress, but it's the neckline I was really in love with!

Asos VS Target
"I saw Cady Heron wearing army pants and flip flops, so I got army pants and flip flops." But really, I never even entertained the idea of fitting my big booty, messy eater self into a pair of white jeans... until I saw Rach wearing them. Then I was OBSESSED. This pair from Forever 21 is AMAZING. They stretch, fit great, don't show your butt when you sit down, I don't feel like my gut is hanging out, and you can't see what color underwear you're wearing. I've worn black under them and NOTHING! YAY! Perfect pair of white jean for an awesome price. At least I won't cry when I spill spaghetti on them.
Joe's VS Forever 21

Doesn't she have the best style? DEFINITELY one of my biggest inspirations. There is SO much more I wish I could post, I guess I'll have to do a follow up!

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