Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Dollar Store Craft-DIY baby block decor...

When you're getting ready for your bundle of joy to arrive, every detail seems crucial! You wander stores aimlessly searching for that perfect SOMETHING that's going to be just perfect for your babies room. Unfortunately, I didn't have the luxury of having a nursery to decorate when I was expecting Olivia, since we had to move just DAYS after she was born. I still wanted something for her to come home to and I decorated a small corner in our living room just for her. I strategically placed her bassinet to have the best view of the beautiful California hills outside our window, where a herd of momma milk cows from the ranch across the street would walk by a few times a day because I thought "she would love that". Although she was never going to see it, when you're pregnant, you get a little crazy about things like this.

Well Olivia is 9 months old now and she still doesn't have a room but she still has a little corner to herself. I made these blocks as shelf decor and to double as baby shower decor. 

NOTE: THESE ARE NOT FOR YOUR BABY TO PLAY WITH!!! They'll probably take the stickers off in their mouths and also, I'm not sure how safe the paint is for teething babies who put everything in their mouths. I keep these on a shelf and away from Olivia. 

With that aside. These are SO fun and cute! I've definitely not been able to find anything anywhere that even comes close to being as cute as the DIY ones. The biggest bonus? They're SUPER inexpensive to make. 

You'll need:
      • Wooden Blocks-   $1.00 at Dollar Tree (had to make a few trips to find them)
      • Acrylic Paint-       $.95 on sale at Michaels (I have tons of them, so I just used what I had)
      • Lettered Stickers- $2.00 at Tuesday Morning. Also, just used what I had.
      • Sponge paint brushes- $.95 for a pack at Michaels
      • Something to contain the paint mess. I used a paper Trader Joe's bag. 

I didn't have the paint color I really wanted, so I mixed a few until I got the peachy pink I was looking for. After mixing the paint, I lined up all of the blocks and worked my way across, painting one side at a time and then going back to the first block and starting on a new side. I did a total of 4 coats (the original letters were pretty bright!). After they're dry, just choose a lettered sticker that fits your block best and spell out what you'd like! You can place letters on every side of the block or if you're like me and you get that pregnancy fatigue or just regular fatigue, just put the letters you want on one side of the block to spell out what you want. That's it! 

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