Friday, March 6, 2015

My DIY Gender Announcement

This is my first pregnancy and like most mommies out there, I am trying to document every part of it as best I can. However...I am also a cheapo! I hate paying full price for anything and wait for sales at any chance I get. This usually is true for services as well. I am absolutely in love with all of these gender announcements I see all over the place, but I just CANNOT afford to pay a photographer for every single milestone I want to capture. I'd rather save a little money so that I can get that photographer once my little one has arrived. So when my honey and I found out what we were having I was extremely anxious to announce it in a unique way and without breaking the bank.

I searched Pinterest for ideas and was inspired by this photograph. How stinking cute are they?

Just my luck, I found out I was having a girl on February 19th. So  a few days later I hit the Target Valentines Day clearance isle looking for some pink candy. It didn't even have to be cotton candy, but just my luck...a bucket on pink cotton candy for $.99! I scored some pink tissue paper and after work I rushed home, opened up all the blinds in my living room to get in as much light as possible, pulled the comforter off my bed and laid it in front of a bare wall, made a quick cone out of copy paper for my cotton candy and a tissue paper pouff. I was in my casual Friday work outfit, so the T-Shirt worked out perfectly.

And here's my finished product.

I could have probably cleaned up the edges a bit and done a little editing, BUT I'm pregnant and lazy and they look pretty gosh darn good. My baby daddy is wasting his time on his Electrical Engineering degree. I think he's found his true calling in photography. I love the way they came out and I only spent $2. OBVIOUSLY, photographers are AMAZING and I am not attempting to put down their craft at all, but for when you just can't afford it and still want to capture precious memories at home, no one is stopping you from getting a little creative! 

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